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If Arizona wasnít so famous for its deserts it might be known for abundance of bats in the state. In the country there are about fifty different types of bat removal species found. In the state of Arizona you can find up to twenty-eight different bat pest control species inside of the stateís borders. The state takes so much interest into the winged creatures that they were the first state to have a full time position within their wildlife agency that just works with the bat. This bat crazy state went on to start the Arizona Game and Fish Departmentís Bat Management Program in 1990. They took the money they were making from the lottery to pay for this. Arizona is positively batty for bats. Currently they have yearly bats grants for scientists looking to study the winged beasts in the state. This leads many of the top scientists in the bat field to the state. Naturally Arizona bat removal is a specialized field since nobody wants to hurt any of these bats. It is wrong to kill bats in the country and many of the bats in the state are categorized as being endangered. More bat research continues to be done in the state in 1994 the Arizona Bat Resource Group was founded and works in part with the Western Bat Working Group. They currently look over the overall interests and management of people that working with bats throughout the state. As standards were being written across the state they decided to make a plan. The plan was finalized in 2003 and was called the Arizona Bat Conservation Strategic Plan. This plan outlined the education material needed for research and monitoring bats throughout the state. Because of all this Arizona bat pest control can be a very sticky subject. When locating a bat in oneís home it is important to contact a specialist in bat removal. One never knows if the bat is suffering from rabies or is on the endangered species list. One of the primary reasons of all the different bats in the state is the Colossal Cave Mountain in Tucson, Arizona. Half of the Arizona bat species in the state can be found in the bat cave. Depending on the bat removal species they will be found year round or just during the winter. This is because many bat pest control species will migrate away from the cold and have found to use the cave for a winter home.

Arizona Bat Pest Control and Arizona Bat Removal professionals can be found in these counties: Apache county, Cochise, Coconino, Gila county, Graham, Greenlee, La Paz county, Maricopa, Mohave county, Navajo, Pima, Pinal, Santa Cruz county, Yavapai, Yuma county.

Choose the county that most applies and telephone the closest Arizona bat pest control specialist for your Arizona bat removal.

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