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Pennsylvania Bat Removal, Pennsylvania Bat Pest Control

In Pennsylvania bat pest control Pennsylvania bat removal there are 9 different species of bats flying around the state. Because of the winters in the state most of the bats will either migrate south for the cold or end hibernating waiting for the warmth. This is common throughout most states throughout the northeast. Pennsylvania bat pest control Pennsylvania bat removal notice more and more cases each year when the winter months come thatís when these bats decide they need a place to stay. Pennsylvania bat pest control Pennsylvania bat removal companies have noticed fewer cases though in the past years. Until recently no one was sure why this was happening. This is because white nose syndrome has moved its way into the state of Pennsylvania. Signs had been pointing this way since spring of 2008 but this February they found a few hundred dead bats in Lackawanna County. A normal citizen was the one to lead the discovery. In Carbondale a person found many bats dead outside a mine and called the Wildlife Conservation Office. Chris Skipper who works for the agency went out to identify the findings. As he arrived he could see bats flying around in the cave when they should still be hibernating for at least another month. As we walked up closer he could see the dead bats by the entrance. It is believed that 50% of the bat population in the mineís around the city are infected with this disease. This is frightening to the researchers in the area. As this disease keeps moving across the northeast no one is sure where it is going to end. White nose syndrome is named because of the white fungus that appears on the bats. It will start on the bat and spread all over as it advances in stages. Researchers are not sure if the bats are suffering because of the fungus or if the fungus is a secondary concern. What is known is that the bats that catch the disease are unable to hibernate. This means these bats are looking around for food much earlier each year when there is nothing around. These Pennsylvania bat pest control Pennsylvania bat removal bats are using up their precious energy before the winters end and can be found starving and freezing before their death. Researchers across the area are hoping to find a cure but are admittedly worried that their efforts will come too late. Nobody is sure what will happen to the environment if bats keep dying off at this alarming rate.

Pennsylvania Bat Pest Control, and Pennsylvania Bat Removal professionals can be found in these counties: Adams county, Allegheny county, Armstrong, Beaver, Bedford, Berks, Blair county, Bradford, Bucks, Butler, Cambria county, Cameron, Carbon, Centre, Chester, Clarion county, Clearfield, Clinton, Columbia, Crawford county, Cumberland, Dauphin, Delaware, Elk county, Erie, Fayette, Forest, Franklin, Fulton, Greene county, Huntingdon, Indiana, Jefferson county, Juniata, Lackawanna, Lancaster, Lawrence, Lebanon, Lehigh county, Luzerne county, Lycoming, McKean, Mercer, Mifflin, Monroe, Montgomery, Montour county, Northampton county, Northumberland, Perry, Philadelphia, Pike, Potter, Schuylkill, Snyder county, Somerset, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga, Union, Venango, Warren county, Washington, Wayne, Westmoreland, Wyoming, York county.

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